Halloween Theme Printable Package

One of my favourite times of the year – Halloween; it could be the movies, it could be the dressing up, it could even be the candy that I steal from my kids lol.

I put together a Halloween Printable Package for you all to download for free and sneak in a learning activity this time of year.

I’m sure you all know by now, how much I enjoy putting together activities for my kids – and now I get to share them with all of you!

This Halloween printable package is filled with many activities plus a bingo game for a family game night!


A halloween theme name sheet to help improve writing their name. My daughter is in Grade 1, she could write her name with her eyes closed, BUT is she writing her name properly? There is only 1 capital letter, the rest are lower case, right? (Sarina not SaRiNa) Are the letters following the margins as primary teachers expect of them.



For this pattern activity you will need

  1. Scissors
  2. Glue

Encourgae you little ones to cut the pictures that area at the bottom of the page, along the dotted lines.

A great activity that will help strengthen hand muscles, improve visual and fine motor skills (eye-hand coordination and seperation of hand, finger dexterity).


Counting Fun!

Counting could be so much fun! A leanring activity that could be implemented in almost any everyday life tasks.

With this printable, lets think outside the box. Alot of times I will ask myself, how could we prolong the use of this activity, what else could we do instead of simply writing down a number, how do i challenge myself and my little one with this activity?.

What could we use for answering each row:

  1. Dried beans (are great for counting)
  2. Playdoh
  3. Paint (finger painting or use a Q-tip for dotting)
  4. Beads
  5. Stamps


Who doesn’t love a good game night. This Halloween inspired theme BINGO will sure bring some spooktacular time at home!


Download your FREE Halloween Theme Printable Package

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