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Desk Space Under $10

Growing up my parents always had a desk setup somewhere in the house for homework time or to simpley draw a picture. I used to love my time at my desk, it was where I would get creative the most! So I’ve decided to created a desk space for my kids in their room. Though […]

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Puzzle organizing

Puzzles could be such a great quiet time activity – and inexpensive, which I guess explains the flimsy boxes that they come in. Steven has been obsessed with puzzles for as long as I could remember. He will spend what feels like hours, doing them over and over. As much as he would try to […]

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Thankful Thanksgiving

With so much excitement we are happy to announce that this Thanksgiving we are adding another little pumpkin to the patch!   I must say I am quite pleased with how this DIY photoshoot went with my kids. After many, many, many shots we were able to get a few winners! Who knew it would […]

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