Mama could use some extra help

This mama could use some extra help around here. I’m sure you could too!

Imagine a life where our kids picked up after themselves, without asking a million times, brushed their teeth without asking another million times, and sorted their own laundry? A mother could dream right? lol

My kids are kids, period. They make messes, they use way too much toilet paper, it’s a constant battle to get them to pick up their toys, and I’m always finding clean clothes in laundry baskets because they’re too lazy to put them away! Send help please.

So here I go, I took it upon myself to create this chore chart, to help them help me around the house. I gave them chores I think they could manage.

Emptying out their lunchbox, I have two and it’s really the little things that help at the end of the day. Of course, I need to see how much they ate before they empty it out (i.e wrappers, orange peels etc.) and then place it in the sink.

Sorting the laundry, basically filling up the washing machine with their DIRTY clothes and making sure nothing is inside out. Now this is isn’t something we do everyday, although I feel like I’m always doing laundry, but it means to make sure their dirty clothes are IN the basket not on the floor beside it.

Tidying up toys/room, walking around the house to make sure spiderman isn’t in the bathroom or dollas aren’t on the floor.

And lastly, brush those teeth, this isn’t really a “chore” but I had to add it in there to help remind them about brushing their teeth!

Heres the big question though, “What do we get if we do everything?”

Below I have listed a few incentives you could use:

  1. Allowance; a great way to help them save, or spend their money on something they have earned themselves.
  2. A treat; a movie, ice cream night, favourite restaurant, or some good old candy!
  3. Gift cards; like an allowance but you get to pick the store!
  4. Stickers; we do this one at home, but instead of stickers I colour in one star per week (top of the chore chart there are four stars) Once they’ve fill in all 4 stars, they get a gift card of $5 to spend at Toys R Us.
    • You could also use this tactic towards a toy or book they’ve been wanting for so long (fill up all four stars and get a reward)

So many ways to get them to help out, money and candy always seem to work. Try making 4 stars their goal, it will also save you some money (from paying them every week). I can’t believe we have to pay our kids to help out. But whatever works right!?

Click the link to download your free CHORE CHART

Customs orders available (childs name and theme) as are hard copies. Please send inquiries to



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