Lunchbox Meal Plan Program

Lunchbox Meal Plan Program

I know how chaotic making lunches could get, especially when we are improvising before a morning coffee or after a long day. Repeated lunches, not so healthy lunches, picky eaters, not enough time for making lunches, I totally get it, I’m with you mamas. I can relate with you all, which is why I want to extend my helping hand through my Lunchbox Meal Prep Program.

What to expect from the program

  1. Lunchbox Planner
  2. Grocery List
  3. Recipes
  4. 5 Day School Lunch Menu
  5. Tips and Tricks

How the program works

Once you sign up, you will receive an email confirmation with an attached file – your own Lunchbox Planner! Be sure to print a copy in advance and if possible laminate it for extended use! (Please check junk mail if you don’t receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.)

I will be sending out ONE email weekly, on Fridays, to those who have signed up. In that email you will find everything listed above (What to expect from the program). Keep in mind, this is an on going program that will run throughout the school year, up until June 2019.

I will be using and meal prepping lunch portions enough for our Little Lunchbox Co.

When does the program start

Lunchbox Meal Prep Program will begin Week of September 17, 2018.

How do we sign up

Click here Sign up

How much does it cost to enroll in this program

Absolutely nothing!

Just a mom helping out another mom!Spread the word, spread the love.

This program will outline weekly lunches that I have prepped for my own kids. For the mean time I will not be adjusting the menu or taking any dietary requests. This program is being used to share my Lunchbox Ideas in hopes that it will help and ease some of that chaotic lunch prepping at home. “A mom helping out another mom”.  

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