Promoting Healthier Food Choices

Picky Eaters? We all have some sort of picky eater at home, my son being one of them.  If there is one thing I learned through motherhood thus far is that, when kids are hungry, they will eat anything in sight! At least with my kids this is mostly the case.

I use to have a cabinet in my kitchen where I would keep all snacks, healthy and non healthy snacks. It was until one day I noticed my son didn’t have much appetite at lunch or dinner, but was quick to ask for a cookie in the cabinet. Like most of us would do, I told him he must finish his lunch before he can have a cookie. This kept going on for a few days, I was not giving in with the cookies but noticed, SOMEHOW the cookies were disappearing and I know it wasn’t my husband or daughter or myself! The next day, I kept a very close eye on him – and I caught him! Up on the kitchen counter grabbing a cookie!

Since that day I moved all snacks from that cabinet and placed it in the laundry closet where he had no way of getting up.

I then made a quick change to all accessible snacks. From the counter to inside the cabinets and fridge.

Here are my tips on how to promote healthy eating at home

1. Move the “snack cabinet”.

I turned my laundry closet into our pantry! Depending on your house layout, maybe you have a pantry, or maybe an extra cabinet that isn’t being used. Whatever the case may be, move those snacks! Move them somewhere where it isn’t visible, if you can, move it somewhere only you know.

2. Colorful counter space

Most counter spaces are eye level to our little ones, or visible enough from a far. Keeping your counter full of colorful fruits will attract their eye and hopefully their appetite. I make sure I always keep a bowl of fresh apples and bananas, and sometimes I’ll whip out some oranges and peaches right in the morning to add more variety throughout the day. You might begin to notice, when they come into the kitchen asking for a snack; how quick their eyes will rest on those fruits! Make sure to waste no time, invite them to enjoy a bowl of peaches with you, or maybe some apple fries (apples cut like french fries – one of my kids favorite way of eating apples)

This works wonders when they open the fridge and can’t help but notice all the visible options. Especially when a lot of it is take and go snacks!

Which brings me to …..

3. Take and Go Snacks

How many times have you thrown out food for going bad? Guilty ! How about that time you bought pineapple, and kept forgetting to cut it up, because we all know… no one is eating it unless its cut and ready to eat. I can’t even count the many times this has happened in our house. It’s just easier to rip open a bag of chips, or cookies for a snack, am I right?

I have noticed a big, huge, interest in healthier food choices from my kids when I cut, pre wash and package fruits and vegetables. I pre cut and package the amount I think my family will go through for the week – we don’t want any food going bad!


Living with SM Kids

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