He’s Here

Friday April 13th at 9:03 am Stefano was born weighing 6lb 9oz. Perfect – absolutely perfect!

I delivered all three kids via Cesarean. So I was familiar with the process, yet still very nervous for the actual procedure. After Stefano was born I am brought to a recovery room where I stay with hubby and baby for about 1 hour.

When I finally got settled into our room, we had the pediatrician and nurse walk in to check on Stefanos sugar – he was born with low blood sugar. They hoped after feeding him in the recovery room that the blood sugar would go up – but it didn’t. They quickly brought him into the NICU where he would be monitored and fed both bottle and breast.

I cannot begin to explain the feeling I was left with when they took him . I was still unable to walk or get out of my bed, so I spent the whole night without him. My husband would go in and check on him, take some pictures and come back to show me. My heart felt very empty. I was in a hospital, just delivered a baby, laying down in a bed without being able to get up and no baby to hold.

The next day, I was able to get up and sit on a wheelchair to visit Stefano. Still unable to move much and in a lot of pain, I managed to visit him as often as I could. Every time I went in, we did skin to skin. My milk supply was still low, and he was not finishing a full feed of formula or he would throw it up which resulted in him to stay longer. The nurses advised for me to go back to my room and pump some milk for him. Well guess what, I didn’t have a pump. So there I was trying to express milk MANUALLY with my hand!! It was not only painful but very very discouraging because I obviously wasn’t able to express milk as much as a real pump would do. Luckily we had a drugstore near by for hubby to go buy me a Medela Swing Single Electric Pump . If you know you’ll be breastfeeding your baby and have a pump, I strongly suggest packing that into your hospital bag!

Monday morning and finally all three of us are together; Daddy, Stefano and Mommy. I was beyond happy, my mind was a bit more at ease and I felt relieved. Now, we are eager to leave and bring baby home! It was what felt like a month long experience, but I am so thankful for every nurse and doctor that helped us and educated us because even as third time parents there were things we didn’t know about because we didn’t go through it with our first two. It really goes to show how every situation is different.

We are now happy to be home settling in and adjusting to our new lifestyle – family of 5.

Living with SM Kids

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