Screen Time

Juggling dinner, laundry, clean up and basically every household duty with kids can be very loud and nearly impossible. Doctors waiting rooms, shopping and a simple car ride can be dreadful, but thank god for technology right? I mean we all gear towards it, its a quick quiet time moment.

Some of us choose our phone, tablet, ipod or even a LeapPad. I lean strictly towards a LeapPad because in my eyes if I’m going to give them some screen time, I rather them learn something while doing it.


I bought Sarina a leap pad when she was 3 years old and to this day she still uses it and wants to bring it everywhere she goes. I bought her the LeapPad Platinum Tablet .

For Stevens’ 4th birthday we also bought him a leap pad but we went for the LeapPad 3 which has a smaller screen then the Platinum.

Both are amazing tablets built Kid-tough with a protective screen – because we all know how frustrating and expensive it gets to fix those cracked screens.

So why do I strictly lean towards our LeapPad for screen time and not my phone? Well, the truth is, I purchased our first LeapPad AFTER watching some VERY disturbing and inappropriate Kids You Tube videos. Videos that involved Disney princesses – which will attract ANY child – at that very moment I knew I didnt want kid falling into that trap!

What I LOVE about our LeapPad is that there are so many educational apps to shop from in their App Center. You can explore apps by age groups, educational skills and your preferred price range. They also offer bundles and some of your kids top favorite characters, like Paw Patrol and Disney’s Frozen! The best part is that every time you purchase an app, they get synced onto BOTH LeapPads – so I am not purchasing double the apps.

One thing I will point out – I find both kids enjoy the Platinum LeapPad more because the bigger screen.


SM Mom


Living with SM Kids

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