Library Fun

Our local library has been like a second home for us. We have been attending their programs since Sarina was only 10 months old!

Being a first time mom I found attending these library programs a great way to connect with other moms in the neighborhood while the kids socialize with one another. It was a great way to meet other new moms, experienced moms, and just to meet PEOPLE, because we all know how nice it is to leave the house once in a while after kids.

I am extremely grateful for all the programs our local library offers because as much as I try and squeeze in a learning activity at home, I find they have a greater interest in doing similar activities outside of home with other kids around.

Now you may wonder.. well it sounds like I could of benefited from sending my kids to preschool? Well, your right. In all honesty, I wish I did send them to preschool, I didn’t because of .. MOM GUILT. I though, since I’m a stay at home mom, I MUST keep my kids home with me, I could not pay for preschool while I’m home doing nothing? How selfish, right? I knew I had to stop myself from having this mentality when I noticed Steven having a hard time letting go of mommy. He needed me there, to hold his hand, and be right beside him. He wouldn’t voluntarily join in with the other kids. It broke my heart, because I wanted him to enjoy the program, make friends… especially since he’ll be on his own ALL DAY in just a few months when he starts Kindergarten. So I made sure I kept attending our library classes, I did not give up, I would sit beside him and even join in on circle time and sing alongs. Believe it or not he slowly started to get comfortable, he let go of my hand, he sat with his friend, he would even sing along sometimes – ALL ON HIS OWN!! Now, he constantly asks when we’re going back to the library to see his teacher. He gets so excited once we pull up to the library and tries to guess what story and craft they’ll be doing !

If your having trouble with your little one “letting go” DONT GIVE UP… don’t pull them out. Keep going and attending whatever it may be your enrolled in. Sit beside him, sing along to the songs even if your they aren’t. Show them how much fun YOUR having in class and they’ll soon open up and want to join too.

Visit your local library and see what pre school programs are being offered. Some programs are even FREE!


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