It’s a Boy

It’s a Boy!!

Having already a boy and a girl, and having kept all their baby clothes, we didn’t want to find out the gender of our third baby. Hubby and I were both on the same page, “WE’RE KEEPING IT A SURPRISE”. Well, that changed very quickly lol. The morning of our ultrasound, driving to our appointment I looked over at him and asked, “So we’re not finding out the sex right?” … and he said “it would be nice to know” Instantly, without hesitation I said OK! lol – deep inside I really wanted to know. I wanted to know which of the kids baby clothes I had bring up from storage, I wanted to get the nursery ready. I wanted to get cute outfits for the hospital ready – I wanted to narrow down baby names!

We didn’t want to host a Gender Reveal Party – we wanted to keep it more intimate between the four of us. I asked the ultrasound lady to write the gender in a piece of paper, which we will all open together.

So there we were, driving to the nearest restaurant to have lunch and find out what was cooking inside mommy!!

This was the tie breaker!!


It’s a Boy!! We were all so excited to finally know! At least I thought all of us were excited…. I looked over at Sarina and she was smiling and holding back her tears. I was first confused if they were tears of happiness, but quickly I realized they weren’t. She was very disappointed – no baby sister. These were real heart breaking tears. I understood how she felt, but I couldn’t help but chuckle because of how innocently cute it was for her to cry over another brother lol.



We made sure to turn that frown upside down by telling her that she will be the family’s ONLY princess. She wont have to share her toys, and girl time will be JUST Mommy and her. When the boys go out, they have to take the baby and CHANGE DIAPERS. Lol she got a good laugh at that… so did I just picturing Daddy out with the boys (Baby and a 4 year old lol)

Now, let the baby name ideas begin!


SM Kids Mom


Living with SM Kids

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