Desk Space Under $10

Growing up my parents always had a desk setup somewhere in the house for homework time or to simpley draw a picture. I used to love my time at my desk, it was where I would get creative the most!

So I’ve decided to created a desk space for my kids in their room.

Though I have a desk setup in their playroom – I find having it in their own room really encourages independent learning and helps expand their creativity. And best of all it’s quiet time!! (Well … most of the time lol )

I was able to create this design for $10!! …. I know right?! Bonus win!

Below are the items I used, including where it was bought and for how much.

The desk I used was a desk I had previously purchased at Ikea. I believe this specific style has since been discontinued but any desk/table works fine!

The gold circle wall design is from a gift bag!! Yes.. a gift bag. I purchased a beautiful gold gift bag for ($1.25) each from Dollarama and cutout circles and taped it to the wall – I used tapers tape.

The painting was made by my daughter for her painting theme birthday party 2 years back. She just splattered paint from her brush onto the canvas. The canvas was also purchased at Dollarama for $2.00!

The Chalkboard canvas was purchased at Dollarama for ($3.00)! I’m sure you can use any canvas and paint over it with some chalk paint.

The clipboard was $1.50… also purchased at Dollarama!

The pencil holders were actually from a bathroom set I had but never used. You can really use any cup you have laying around.

And there you have it … for just $10 you can design a cute “Pinterest” style desk corner for your little ones.




SM Mom



Living with SM Kids

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