Puzzle organizing

Puzzles could be such a great quiet time activity – and inexpensive, which I guess explains the flimsy boxes that they come in.

Steven has been obsessed with puzzles for as long as I could remember. He will spend what feels like hours, doing them over and over. As much as he would try to clean up and tidy up his puzzle boxes, they would always break or unglue; making it really hard to keep the puzzle piece inside the box.


And what’s worse then having a kid throw a tantrum because he cant find that missing puzzle piece to the puzzle he’s been working on for “hours”. I mean, I could go and grab another $1 puzzle at Dollarama but the same thing will happen and it’s been happening, over and over again!

THAT’S IT – either I fix this problem or no more puzzles (quiet time) – and I am NOT giving up on quiet time, so I went and created a solution to our puzzle problem.

I put all of his puzzles in individual zip-lock bags – I used sandwich size bags. I also cut out part of the box that shows the puzzle picture to help him know which puzzle pieces go where.

I must say this puzzle hack has been a complete SUCCESS.



SM Mom


Living with SM Kids

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